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Welcome, bienvenu, welcome - Dolly welcomes you to the most beautiful guest house on the Turkish Adriatic. Individual Adriatic vacation without all-inclusive. In the style of the 70s, a very modern apartment house of a special kind awaits you. And you are a welcome guest - however you appear. And also very clearly: with whom. So your little dog is very welcome. And Dolly, the namesake, is looking forward to you and your little companion.

Vacationers who want to escape the stresses of everyday life want places near the sea and places where they can enjoy the atmosphere and peace of their own four walls. Unlike all-inclusive, it is becoming increasingly popular to spend the best days of the year in rented apartments.
It is a great luxury for everyone to have a vacation from the comfort of their own apartment. In fact, many hotels promise "comfort like home" on their advertising pages. "Your own 4 walls", however, are hardly possible. With this in mind, it is becoming more and more popular to choose the accommodation options closest to the domestic atmosphere - individually designed apartments that are increasingly attractive and therefore ideal for vacationers. You stay overnight safely in the apartments offered by and experience a high quality, comfortable and inexpensive vacation.

Especially in high season it becomes extremely difficult to find a place in hotels and hostels - choosing your own apartment is a good alternative.

Often tourists are also looking for affordable hotels for the winter months. The cost is the most important advantage of renting an apartment instead of a hotel or hostel in a holiday region. You pay a fixed fee for the apartment you rent, no matter how many people are on vacation.
Holidays are affordable even for those on a budget. On the other hand, our apartments offer all the features that are necessary for everyday use. It should not be forgotten that hotels only offer a relatively limited range of facilities. Equipment that makes your day more pleasant is available and the Ulraub does not take place in a small room but is spread out generously. Having a kitchen in particular and being able to cook in a hygienic environment offers a high degree of freedom.

A "home of your own" makes your vacation in Kusadasi even more comfortable, and you can enjoy your vacation in one of our apartments as you wish. Unlike so often criticized in Turkey, Dolly Apartments has a high-class living environment - in the middle of the green and yet very central.

We await your reservation inquiries via, and we are pleased to offer you the convenience and unique privileges of renting your own apartment. When you rent an apartment, you don't have to act by the strict rules of the hotel. You can freely create a program according to your personal inclinations. It is well known that many hotels or hostels can have strict rules for pets. With us you have no such problem when you rent an apartment. You can experience the best days of the year together with your animal friends - a vacation that suits you.

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